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Rhodotion is a social enterprise working directly with farmers to increase their livelihood through regenerative farming practices. We offer a range of indigenous and novelty products from farms to you.

Presenting Unique Notes

Himalayan Coffee

Himalayan coffee grown across West Bengal and the North Eastern States of India each bringing across an unique note in each cup.

Social Empowerment Through SUSTAINABILITY

“We are a social enterprise working at the crossroads of sustainable development and regenerative agriculture across the Himalayan regions of India. Our work encompasses the implementation of integrated farming methodologies to increase the income of smallholder farmers by two to three times.”

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Our Signature Products

Himalayan Coffee

Coffee That's Stronger Smoother Sustainable

Himalayan Coffee is an authentic and rare coffee variety from North East India. The coffee is farmed organically and regenerative agriculture practices are adopted in the cultivation process. 

These are premium quality coffees from the misty hills of North East India. Our coffees’ distinctive taste, aroma, and flavor make us a unique experience in today’s world of coffee connoisseurship.


Experience Carbon Negetive Teas

Wild Tea Collected directly from the forest of northeastern states indigenous to India.

Signature Wild Teas

Wild Teas from the forests of North East India processed traditionally by local tribes.

Straight from Wilderness

Wild Teas that give you a feeling of being.
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Natural Himalayan Coffee

Premium High Altitude Arabica grown by small holder farmers in North East India

Experience Himalayan Flavor

Coffee straight from the Himalayas that is an epitome of bliss in a cup
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Indigenous Rice

Indigenous Rice from Bengal and North East India that has been revived.

Reviving Traditions

Traditionally farmed rice varieties from rural West Bengal and North East India.
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